This week we were given some pleasing news in the world of Nintendo-themed sneakers and clothing - the Vans x Nintendo Collection launched on 3rd June in some countries and is due later in the month in some international territories. It's looking like a pretty sharp range, too.

The range is now up for sale and has a lot to it. Beyond the basic shoes there are hats, bags, t-shirts and sweaters to choose from. It's a massive range, and you can see the whole lot at the previous 'up for sale' link or on our Facebook gallery.

In any case, as a reminder that the range is now available and as a celebration of nice things, we've picked out some of our favourites from the UK store pages - enjoy!

Nintendo Authentic Shoes

Super Mario Bros. / Tie-Dye

Donkey Kong / Black

Duck Hunt / Camo

Princess Peach

Nintendo Old Skool Shoes

Classic Slip-On Shoes

Zelda / Black

Zelda / Parisian Night

SK8-HI Reissue Shoes

SK8-HI Slim Shoes

Nintendo T-Shirt

Athletic Heather




Triforce Zelda T-Shirt

Mario Crew Fleece

Nintendo DK Hoodie

Princess Castle Fleece

Nintendo Trucker Hat (£30)

Game Over

Princess Peach

Donkey Kong Trucker Plus Hat

Nintendo Snapback Hat

Duck Hunt Snapback Hat

Nintendo Backpacks

Game Over


Princess Peach

Donkey Kong Old Skool Backpack

Duck Hunt Old Skool Backpack

Mario Old Skool Backpack

Do you have any favourites from the range, or perhaps none of the options tickle your fancy? Let us know in the comments.