Nintendo have released the first batch of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild screenshots running on Wii U. Whilst they aren't the very best image quality, they still show a few new areas. We'll update them if they get released in higher quality.

Zelda_E3_11am_SCRN04 (Copy).jpg
Zelda_E3_11am_SCRN01 (Copy).jpg
Zelda_E3_11am_SCRN02 (Copy).jpg
Zelda_E3_11am_SCRN03 (Copy).jpg
Zelda_E3_11am_SCRN05 (Copy).jpg
Zelda_E3_11am_SCRN06 (Copy).jpg
Zelda_E3_11am_SCRN07 (Copy).jpg
Zelda_E3_11am_SCRN08 (Copy).jpg
Zelda_E3_11am_SCRN09 (Copy).jpg
Zelda_E3_11am_SCRN10 (Copy).jpg

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