That's him. Honest.

Back in May we reported on a special Star Fox Zero competition being run by Nintendo UK to find the nation's best players.

Getting a total score of over 3000 bags you a certificate, while the grand prize includes a Star Fox Zero canvas print, Fox amiibo, Falco amiibo, Star Fox Zero Collector's Edition Prima Strategy Guide and Star Fox Zero T-Shirt.

Nintendo UK has now updated the competition to make it even more appealing. While everyone who gets over 3000 points - no mean feat - will still get the foil-embossed certificate, the first 25 qualifiers will get theirs signed by none other than Shigeru Miyamoto himself.


To enter, submit evidence of your 3000+ score and post it on Twitter with the hashtags #StarFoxZero and #AcePilot. A photo, screengrab with a capture device or a screen from Miiverse will do. The contest ends on 12th June, so time is running out. You'll also have to be a UK resident to enter.

If you want to be in with a fighting chance, be sure to check out our handy guides: