Skin! Avert thine eyes!

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE might not be the AAA smash-hit that saves Nintendo's struggling home console, but it's a welcome release in a year which is proving to be pretty short on quality Wii U games - as you'll know if you've consulted our review.

However, changes made to the game caused some to grumble. One group of fans was so annoyed by these alterations that it decided to create a patch from the western version of the game which restores all of the elements which were tinkered with during the localisation process.

Here's the changelog for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Reincarnation ver. 0.9.1:

  • Reverted costumes back to Bikinis, also changing the menu icons back and their original names and descriptions.
  • Completely redid Chapter 2 and a few other small files to return references to Gravure Modelling, this also uses the original voice files.
  • Fixed any map changes relating to pictures in dungeons that were changed.
  • Swapped the English files out for Japanese versions for retranslated files.
  • Healing points no longer come in envelopes.
  • Changed Profiles to reflect the character's real ages and change back references to Gravure Modeling.
  • Reverted any censored prerendered Cutscene files.

You can find instructions on how to install this patch here, but be warned - there's a danger you could corrupt your save data if you make a wrong move. You have been told.