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Image: MySuperMarioBoy

Today brings us the second day of E3, and Nintendo's final Treehouse broadcast of the year. It's going to show off a number of previously announced games (which we'll remind you off in a feature soon), but Nintendo UK has prompted us to raise our eyebrows a dangerous amount with a line in its latest press release.

Outlining the day's Nintendo Treehouse: Live festivities, the press release ends with this surprising announcement.

The broadcast will also include the introduction of a new role-playing IP for Nintendo 3DS

Before you all say 'Advance Wars', it's a new IP we're talking about. Is it a localisation out of Japan, or something entirely different that's not yet been seen anywhere?

We don't know, but it'll be exciting to find out. Just us at 9am Pacific / noon Eastern / 5pm UK / 6pm CET as we'll begin live build-up, then watching and commentating on the stream when it starts an hour later.