Earlier this week we reported on data from social media monitoring tool Brandwatch, which emphasized the impact that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild had when it was unveiled on day one of E3. It gained huge traction, to the point that it was comfortably the 'winner' of E3 when it came to game mentions.

That's continued to be the case as Brandwatch has updated its data to reflect on day two, with the Nintendo title stretching out its lead and racking up 110k mentions.


In fact, its dominance in Nintendo-related conversations carried across into day two, which was much quieter for Nintendo as a whole. Below you can see the big N's overall mentions across the two days, and also the game breakdown which shows The Legend of Zelda still picking up a lot of traffic.

Nintendo day1and2.png
Zelda day 1 and 2.png

The overall picture, comparing mentions of major publisher, sees Nintendo score relatively poorly. It's clear that, in terms of social media buzz, The Legend of Zelda has been far more prevalent than the broader Nintendo brand. Arguably, though, that was part of Nintendo's intent in its approach and making Breath of the Wild its only playable game at the show.


As we enter the third and undoubtedly quietest day of E3, in which there aren't any Treehouse broadcasts - only a Japan-only Pokémon round-up, it seems - these trends are unlikely to change much. Overall it would seem to be a success for Nintendo, especially for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.