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Anyone with a Twitter account could see that as Nintendo's live broadcast from E3 sprung to life, it started to trend and generate a lot of online buzz. Nintendo, of course, didn't utilise the press conference format that draws attention for a 60-90 minute burst, instead focusing on its Treehouse format for this year. Did the move pay off? Well, yes and no.

Let's start with the big positive. Brandwatch, a social media monitoring tool that extrapolates results from 10% of data and posts, has shared some analysis with us on how Nintendo fared in terms of social media 'mentions'. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been declared as its winner of E3, earning more attention online than other major games of the show.

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Even accounting for the nature of the data, it's pleasing to see such terrific interest in the title. That said the story changes a little when the attention shifts to mentions of 'Nintendo'. Due to the nature of Nintendo's broadcast its results are mixed - there was a pleasing spike in interest when the Treehouse stream started, but 'Nintendo' as a name has lagged behind the spikes seen for publishers and hardware manufacturers off the back of their conventional live conferences. That said it may catch up a little if it has a strong second day with the Treehouse broadcast.


Overall, we suspect Nintendo will be rather happy with the impact that Breath of the Wild has had, with social media buzz combining with positive previews. Now we just wait for its 2017 release.

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