Super-hard indie platformer VVVVVV has been removed from the North American 3DS eShop following the publication of a homebrew exploit.

The vulnerability - exploited by ShinyQuagsire's (v*)hax - is apparently only available in digital version of the game. It requires a "primary" entry point to function - that means another hack in order to actually install the exploited savegame on the console, such as browserhax or the famous Cubic Ninja exploit.

VVVVVV developer Terry Cavanagh has been a bit dumbfounded by the news and at one point believed that the need for a "primary" entry point would spare his game the chop:

However, the removal from the North American eShop means that his hopes have been dashed somewhat. At the time of writing VVVVVV remains available on the European eShop, but it is surely only a matter of time before it is taken down there, too.

Thanks to RupeeClock for the tip!