The tower of power

Back in 1996, Sega of America was at something of a crossroads. The company had successfully bloodied the nose of Nintendo with its Genesis console, but a series of botched hardware launches - including the Sega CD and 32X - had eroded consumer confidence in the brand, and a new competitor had arrived on the scene in the form of Sony and its PlayStation system, which was proving to be a fierce rival to Sega's 32-bit Saturn.

Amid this rather chaotic situation, director John Jansen was invited into Sega of America's Redwood City offices to film a "trainumentary" for the Sega Test Department. Shot between June 1995 and February 1996, the 28 minute film contains interviews with staffers on the ins and outs of testing Sega games for a living, as well as a chat with then-president Tom Kalinske, the man who is credited with masterminding Sega's rise in the early '90s.

Heck, there's even footage of a Sega Pico being kicked along a corridor and a downright silly sequence involving Virtua Cop where someone leaps around the room with light guns that aren't even plugged in. In short, it's essential viewing to anyone with an interest in retro games or Sega itself.

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