Video games can be silly, delightful forms of entertainment. We're not sure yet whether Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will be a particularly good game on Wii U this Summer, but we sure like watching well choreographed footage of it. Perhaps it's the chunky HD models doing silly things that amuses this writer - after all, Bowser doing Rhythmic Gymnastics is amazing.

A new extended trailer on Nintendo's Japanese YouTube channel has some more great moments. You get to see more modes in action and a variety of sports, yes, but there are more important things to see. Such as when Luigi knocks out Sonic in an intense boxing match, or when Bowser Jr. can be seen galloping around on a horse. Or the Rugby footage, all of the rugby footage.

Perhaps this will be rather mediocre like the 3DS version, or hopefully a better experience; regardless, it sure is fun to watch.