Earlier today Nintendo sent its customary press release outlining plans for next month's E3. In 2014 the company was talking up its bold new 'Digital Event' concept with a Super Smash Bros. Invitational, and shared an entertaining video for the announcement; in 2015 the idea was similar, with the 'Nintendo World Championships 2015' being at the core of the message. The latter was rather underwhelming in terms of qualifying events especially, while 2015 may be remembered more for eventual negative reactions to key announcements, but in any case Nintendo had two years of ambitious presentations and live Treehouse streams across every day of the expo.

Zelda E3.png

This year is different, and so was Nintendo's announcement. There was no comedic video, but rather just a rather flat press release reiterating the previous confirmation that The Legend of Zelda for Wii U will be the only playable game at the event. Nintendo stated that from 9am Pacific / noon Eastern / 5pm UK / 6pm CET on 14th June there'll be a full day of coverage including gameplay, behind the scenes chat and fun around the 2017 release. Nintendo Treehouse will be taking the lead once again, but so far the confirmation is for the team presenting live on one day rather than three, and there was no mention of a recorded 'Digital Event' or Nintendo Direct.

This largely plays into what Nintendo previously announced, no more or less than what the company had suggested would be the case. Multiple members of the Nintendo Life team shared their thoughts in the aftermath of the original and vague details in late April - some of us were downright apoplectic at Nintendo failing to even show up with other Wii U and 3DS titles, never mind keeping the NX hidden away ahead of its March 2017 release; yet some calming words pointed out that there may be more, such as a Direct before, during or shortly after E3. As of Nintendo's key announcement today there's no suggestion that will happen. It's a day of Zelda on 14th June, and for those of us that won't be in LA that's it.

Nintendo could still do more and perhaps has a surprise or two up its sleeve, though if so we'd have expected the details today to put the gloss on the announcement. Nintendo's official E3 website isn't hinting at anything else either, though it's rather nice to look at.

In our polls shortly after the original announcement in late April the majority were rather unhappy with Nintendo's plans. Now that they've solidified and the dust has settled we want to know how you feel once again. Are Nintendo's plans perfectly acceptable for an allegedly shrinking E3, or is it a major disappointment? Sound off in the polls and comments below.

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