Hyrule Warriors Legends on 3DS has been out a little while, settling down while early adopters rank up the character levels and access the many, many weapons. Koei Tecmo and Nintendo are now gearing up to kick off the cycle of DLC, however, and Nintendo of Europe has confirmed a release date for the first pack.

First of all, if you need a crash course on the rather fiddly (arguably messy) structure for the Hyrule Warriors / Legends season passes and upcoming packs, check out the following articles.

The first pack is 3DS-only - the 'Master Wind Waker Pack' is coming on 19th May and includes 16 new My Fairy Costume pieces, and more importantly the "Master Wind Waker map for Adventure Mode with one new adventure battle scenario". It's by far the cheapest of the packs (as it has no playable character) with a price tag of US$0.99 / CDN$1.39 in North America or £1.79 / €1,99 in Europe. Or you'll get it as part of a Season Pass, which are outlined in their multiple forms in the articles above.

Nevertheless those not paying for DLC will get Medli for free, as promised (and shown at the top of this article) - this applies to the Wii U original and the 3DS version; you'll get the playable character when you update the game(s).

You can see a trailer for this DLC below. Let us know if you're grabbing the Wind Waker pack on 3DS, or perhaps just planning to grab the free Medli character.