Super Mario Bros.

The world of speedrunning is one that is endlessly fascinating. People spend hours at a time practicing movements until they're pixel perfect, all in an effort to shave fragments of a second off of the currently standing best time. Super Mario Bros. is a popular game for speedrunners to challenge, and the latest world record was set back in October by a speedrunner named Darbian. Now, it seems that he's done it again.

The latest record was set on the 13th, where Darbian managed to completely clear the game in four minutes, 57 seconds, and 260 milliseconds. Although some of his peers claim that some time could still be shaved off of this one, Darbian believes that he's finally reached his full potential and is done playing Super Mario Bros. Check it out:

What do you think? Can this time be improved on? Have you managed to beat Super Mario Bros. at normal speed? Drop us a comment in the section below.