The Ace Attorney series has a loyal following in the West, perhaps not as big as in the GBA and DS glory days, but a sizeable enough fan-base to prompt download-only releases on the eShop. It's not just Capcom that seems keen to keep interest in the brand alive in the West, as Crunchyroll is doing its bit too.

The streaming service has added the new Ace Attorney anime show to its library. The first episode is live now worldwide (excluding Asia) and subsequent episodes will upload on Saturdays at 4am Pacific / 7am Eastern / noon UK / 1pm CET. Below is an official description and some art:

Adapted from the popular video game franchise, Ace Attorney follows rookie lawyer Naruhodou Ryuuichi (Phoenix Wright) and his assistant Mayoi (Maya) as he defends his clients in a court of law. With limited evidence and logic as his only weapon, can Naruhodou turn the case around when all the odds are stacked against him?

Ace Attorney Art.png

The episodes are subtitled, however, and the characters have their Japanese names - Capcom Unity has posted a handy list to help you keep up.

  • Naruhodo Ryuichi (Phoenix Wright)
  • Mitsurugi Reiji (Miles Edgeworth)
  • Ayasato Mayoi (Maya Fey)
  • Ayasato Chihiro (Mia Fey)
  • Yahari Masashi (Larry Butz)
  • Itonokogiri Keisuke (Detective Gumshoe)
  • Auchi Takefumi (Winston Payne)

We've checked it out and the first episode - The First Turnabout - is indeed there, though to view on the Wii U Crunchyroll app (at least on our UK unit) you need to be a Premium member, which has a monthly fee; if you haven't used it before you can try 14 days of Premium for free.

Will you be watching this series on your Wii U?

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