Save. The. Animals.

The Games Done Quick marathons are a bi-annual treat for many speedrunning fans. Although the next event, Summer Games Done Quick, is not until the 3rd-10th of July, the schedule has been posted to give viewers a look of what's in store.

Summer Games Done Quick will be broadcasting from Minneapolis, Minnesota this year, and freely viewable via Twitch. Money raised through the event will go to longtime charity partner Doctors Without Borders (Médicins Sans Frontiéres), which sends volunteer medical professionals to areas in crisis.

Tonnes of gaming is on deck through the week-long marathon, so we've picked out many of the games being played on Nintendo systems for the list below. Times below are estimated starts and in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). Definitely take a look at the full schedule on the GDQ website, though. Not only will you get the whole list of games, but times should adjust to your particular zone as well. It'd also be wise to check the schedule again closer to the marathon in case anything has shifted.

Sunday, 3rd July

Monday, 4th July

Tuesday, 5th July

Wednesday, 6th July

Thursday, 7th July

Friday, 8th July

Saturday, 9th July