It was only last year that we reported on a fan translation of the first Romancing Saga game, a Super Famicom RPG which has gone down in history as one of the unique offerings in the genre. Now, we've had the unexpected news that Square Enix is localising the Japan-only sequel itself - and is bringing the game to smartphones and related devices.

Romancing Saga 2 launched in Japan 23 years ago and has never been officially translated into English until now. Square Enix released the game in its homeland in March, and has confirmed that it is also getting a western release. The visuals are improved and additional content - such as new levels and character classes - is on offer, too.

While the fact that this game isn't coming to consoles is a shame (a Vita version came out in Japan but that's not getting the localisation treatment), it gives you an idea of how Nintendo could leverage its own games on smartphones. It also points the way for future Square Enix localisations - the company has a wide selection of RPGs which never made it out of Japan that would be prime candidates for a western release.