Though being the creator in Super Mario Maker is undoubtedly rewarding, sometimes it's a lot of fun to just relax and enjoy the fruits of others' labours. As such we keep an eye on the game's subreddit, and sometimes creators share their 'full game' creations.

Another has popped up as the finished article recently, called Super Mario Maker Bros. - created by FSmashPro, it consists of nine worlds and 75 levels. The user's even gone to the trouble of creating a snazzy World Map to accompany the levels.

Super Mario Maker Bros.png

We've played the first World at the time of writing and it's a lot of fun - we'd say these are 'proper' Mario levels, focused on design and platforming (so far) rather than puzzles and gimmicks. There's clever use of recent additions too, such as pink coins (there are three to find in each stage), keys and more, while it uses all four core game templates to good effect.

We certainly recommend it; if you want the full set then you can choose to 'Bookmark All' on the user's Super Mario Maker Bookmark page. More stages are planned as a 'Lost Levels' addition in the future.

We really do love seeing this sort of effort put into Super Mario Maker. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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