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Super Mario Maker has a loyal and sizeable audience that continues to stretch the creation tool to its full potential. With each update that adds doors, keys and other bits and bobs we also see increasingly clever stages, some which test our minds as well as our thumbs.

In any case, while some create ambitious individual stages over a number of days or even weeks, some construct entire games, in a manner of speaking. In bundling levels together into worlds with tangible themes, committed players are effectively creating their own Mario games.

Kosten is a user that's recently completed their game, which consist of 40 levels across 10 worlds - we've enjoyed the early levels, which clearly took quite some time to pull together. They all use the Super Mario World template, and you can see the full list of food-themed worlds on the Mario Maker subreddit.

An easy way to access all of the levels and play them in order is to bookmark the first stage, and after completing it tap the user's profile - the screen of uploaded courses will show them all in reverse order, and you can also follow Kosten so they're easier to come back to.

Projects like this are great to see, and it'd certainly be welcome if Nintendo introduced a method that allows us to group levels together into Worlds to share them as such in the game. Even without that functionality, we can still enjoy full Mario games created by the community.

Check this one out and let us know what you think.

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