Mario & Sonic - and their many friends / foes - have been battling it out in the Olympics for a number of years. Through this series of games we've learnt that Sonic isn't actually as fast as he makes out, and that Daisy is one of the world's greatest figure skaters. Now we have Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on 3DS, and we suspect that Bowser's pretty pleased see rugby as a Summer Olympics sport.

Out in North America for a few weeks now, the portable entry in this year's arrivals lands in Europe this week. As a result Nintendo is promoting it once again, and has released a neat trailer showing off the Mii-based career mode, in which you train, unlock equipment and beat up Bowser in the boxing, among other things.

It looks rather cool, but it leaves us a little uneasy. Is it fair that the Mii has enhanced boxing gloves? Not really. Why is a Mii running the 110 metre hurdles in a tuxedo? Also, scanning a Mario amiibo gives the Mii a shocking advantage in the 100m, a scale of cheating not seen since Ben Johnson in 1988.

That's video games, but it's a reminder, not that we needed one, that Mii characters are not to be trusted - behind those blank smiles they know all of your secrets and darkest desires; well, they do if they follow you in Miitomo.