So long, old friend

It's the end of an era. Not only have we recently had the news that DSiWare is shutting down and Nintendo is bringing DS cart production to a close, but we've now heard that NCL is stopping Nintendo DS console repairs in its homeland.

Repair support for all colours of the very first DS (model number NTR-001, also known as the DS "Phat") is stopping, the reason being that spare parts are now becoming scarce. The final date for receiving NTR-001 DS for repairs is April 30th. Nintendo has stated however that if spare parts run out before that date, booked repairs may not take place.

It's not quite the end of the DS line, though - the DS Lite (USG-001), DSi (TWL-001), and DSi LL (UTL-001) are still being taking in for repairs for the foreseeable future.