The Legend of Zelda turns 30 this year, and Nintendo has its own plans in place to celebrate this momentous milestone. However, some fans have the same idea, such as "Scott" and "Mike", the mysterious guys behind an amazing browser-based replication of the title that started it all on the Famicom / NES.

Visiting reveals a voxel-based adaptation of the 8-bit classic, built entirely in WebGL. You can play either using the on-screen buttons or your keyboard.

Here's the description taken from the site itself:

A fan tribute to the greatest console game of all time, the NES Legend of Zelda. This open source project uses WebGL and voxels rendering to create a pixel-perfect replica of the original, all in Javascript.

Screenshot 2016-04-04 at 1.55.51 PM.png

It's an impressive feat, but how long will Nintendo allow it to remain online? Let us know what you think of the project by posting a comment.