You might have heard there's a system-wide war going on. You wisely chose to stay at home, juggling remote cameras on distant worlds protecting President Grippy Toad's precious mineral deposits from the onslaught of robotic invaders. But if you think this job is easier than what those fly-boys strapped on their fancy Arwings in Star Fox Zero have to deal with, think again because Corneria Precious Metals Ltd. isn't in the business of recruiting sleepy, sloppy desk jockeys. Quick reflexes and snap decision making are the order of the day in Star Fox Guard and this - the first of several guides we're going to be running - is a mandatory read if you don't want to get reassigned to Corneria Sewer Maintenance Inc. in the very near future.

A well-informed employee is a happy, resourceful employee.

Know Your Weapons

The best defense is a good offense and that is exactly why we need trigger happy employees like you sitting at home. The AegisCam security system was developed by genius engineer Slippy Toad. It is your job to operate this system efficiently by switching between each of the twelve cameras in each base. As you progress your CPM Rank, we will allow you to use more advanced AegisCam prototypes as they become available.

Since not all Aegis Cameras are alike, this is why we prepared this handy guide for you. Please note that you will only be able to use one special AegisCam per base when you start working for the company, but you will be allowed to use two when and if you reach CPM Rank 16 and top employees who reach CPM Rank 26 will be able to use three.



CPM Rank Availability: 1

The standard defense turret is cheap yet efficient and that is why our mass-produced model is on every CPM base. Don't expect anything fancy - this is just a camera with a laser gun attached to it, but it certainly packs enough of a punch to deal with most hostiles.

Oh, just because they are cheap that doesn't mean you can go around letting them get destroyed or stolen. Get used to them as soon as possible; they will be with you on every planet.

Lock-On Cam

Lock-On Cam

CPM Rank Availability: 5

The Lock-On Camera allows you to deal with up to six different targets at once. Even better, since it fires upwards and their shots come falling from the sky, they can easily bypass those annoying Shieldtron unit's impenetrable defenses.

Just make sure you take the necessary time to paint all targets before firing for maximum efficiency.

Slow Cam

Slow Cam

CPM Rank Availability: 10

Meet your best friend in the field! The Slow Camera allows you to effectively slow down time thanks to top secret, high tech, hush-hush stuff we can't talk about here. When you take your first shot, a bar on the bottom will start depleting and time itself will slow down. Swish! Amazing tech if we can say so ourselves.

Always, always use one of these near the base's core, this will save you from a lot of failed missions and help you keep your job. Also make sure you use and abuse this camera on boss missions - it's very handy indeed.

Frozen Cam

Frozen Cam

CPM Rank Availability: 15

Are bots moving around too fast inside your bases? Put a stop to their plans by literally putting them on ice with the Frozen Camera. Be mindful, this weapon just freezes them, so you will need to switch to another camera to give them the coup de scrap.

Are you having problems with flying enemies? Just freeze them mid-air and let gravity do the rest. From bot to shattered metal pieces with a single shot.

Charge Cam

Charge Cam

CPM Rank Availability: 20

When you absolutely, positively have to take out every bot near the core, accept no substitutes. The Charge Camera is able to both standard rapid fire or - if you can spare the seconds needed to fully charge the shot - fire a charged shot that will detonate on impact and cause area effect damage.

If you find a bottleneck with lots of bot traffic in one of your bases, position this one so it can clear them out with a single shot. Another recommended tactic is to keep one of these near the core so you can take out impending threats with a single charged hit.

Copter Cam

Copter Cam

CPM Rank Availability: 25

This one is almost cheating! But if the enemy has flying bots, we fight back with flying AegisCams. The Copter Camera is a drone with a standard laser gun attached.

You can hover this bad boy in place for a short time well above your base at regular height, giving you a perfect vantage point from where to rain sweet laser death on any bots below. Master this drone and air superiority will ensure your path to victory.

X-Ray Cam

X-Ray Cam

CPM Rank Availability: 30

So, the enemy thinks he can use our own base defense walls against us? The boys at R&D have a surprise for them. The X-Ray Camera will not only allow you to see enemies through solid walls, it will also let you shoot them through said walls! Is it unfair? Probably. Is it incredibly satisfying to use? Yes indeed!

If you find yourself troubled by Snailblazer units, use this one to take them out as soon as they begin to climb a wall.

Beam Cam

Beam Cam

CPM Rank Availability: 35

All's fair in love and war, but even the Beam Camera is surely overkill. This bad boy will shoot a continuous laser beam but you will need to charge it up before firing. Anything caught in its path will be melted in seconds; even those pesky Big-G units can't take this punishment for long.

This is our ultimate weapon so use it wisely and show your enemies the price of attacking our facilities.

Know Your Planets

CPM is an interplanetary corporation so expect to handle remote surveillance all over the Lylat System. Here is quick refresher on planet trivia where we currently have bases deployed, as well as layouts of those bases.



Corneria is the 4th planet of the Lylat System. It's a (mostly) peaceful and secure place with stable weather conditions. We have the CPM headquarters set up in here. This is where you sit cozy and control AegisCam perimeter defense systems all over Lylat!



Titania is the 2nd planet of the Lylat System. This barren desert world is one of the most hostile environments to organic life but sadly not hostile enough to keep those pesky bots at harm. The sand storms will often interfere with your base defense, blowing up dust clouds that will block you view and inadvertently hide bots inside them.



Zoness is sadly the current home of the greatest environmental disaster in the recorded history of the Lylat System. What used to be a vacation paradise has now become a toxic waste dump thanks to the Venom's army intervention. There will be centuries of work ahead to clean up the single vast ocean that forms the planet's surface. We have set up bases on the few islands that remain. Be careful of oil spills - attacking bots that run through them will speed up so don't get caught day dreaming.



Fortuna is the 5th planet of the Lylat System. This world is covered with intense, overgrown flora and settling it has proven to be quite troublesome because of it. Even our own bases are frequently overrun with plant life, sometimes getting in your AegisCam's line of sight. Feel free to shoot it when you need a clean shot at a bot, but beware that it will always grow back.

Screenshot 2016-04-22 at 4.16.50 PM.png


Grippia is such small solar body that it even defies planetary status classification. Discovered by CPM President Grippy Toad in the outskirts of the Lylat System, this has been used as CPM's primary secret storage for our precious metals. This planetoid is so far away from our binary stars that it sits in near permanent darkness so we had to install artificial light in all our bases. Keep an eye out for switches; if a bot stumbles on them you will have to fight in the dark! In hindsight, perhaps sculpting the face of President Toad on the planetoid's surface was not the best way to keep a secret storage location off the map...

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