So you've taken out a few bots and think you're a pro in Star Fox Guard? Perhaps you're ready for our advanced tips, which should hopefully give you the inside knowledge you need to take your game to the next level. We've also included info on the extra missions hidden away within the title. Enjoy!

  • When you first play a mission, take notice of the tiny dots spread around your base entrances. This is an estimate of the amount of bots heading into those entrances, so make sure you spread your special AegisCams around accordingly.
  • No amount of defense will ever substitute preparation. Before a raid begins, make sure you have your cameras nicely deployed and aiming at the exact location where bots warp in the battlefield. Having the correct positioning and angle from the get go will save you many seconds of aim correction.
  • We mentioned before, but it's never too much to remind you that the Slow Cam is your very best friend! Always, always use one of them at a point closest to your core because more often than not, this is where those extra seconds will be the mission's deciding factor. Especially on later levels, your perimeter will be overrun but keeping a cool head manning your Slow Cam will win you the day.
  • You don't need to remove your AegisCam from their default positions to beat any mission in the game but if you do spot better vantage points (even ingame, while under attack!), you can drag and drop them on another place! Use this tip to save endangered cameras.
  • Turning a camera 180º takes ages! If you need to quickly point a camera towards a target, just slash in the pretended direction over the camera number and it will turn instantly towards where you pointed it. Practice this technique, it will save you from failure many times over.
  • Are you stuck on a regular mission? Make it rain. We mean laser rain from above , of course. Remember that you can use Fox's and Falco's amiibo to call in Star Fox for an airstrike that will clear everything on the playing field. You can only use once every 24 hours, so pick wisely. Look at the radar and wait until the Core is about to be destroyed, tap that Star Fox icon on the top left of your GamePad radar unit and enjoy the fireworks.
  • Having trouble with Shieldtrons? The Lock-On Cam (unlocked at CPM Rank 5) will bypass their shields because it drops lasers on top of their heads.
  • Flying enemies giving you trouble? Use a Freeze Cam (unlocked at CPM Rank 15) to pick your targets while in midair and let gravity do the rest.
  • Master the Charge Cam (unlocked at CPM Rank 20). Use it to take out enemies that require more than one hit like A.T.K. Units and - even more importantly - P.O.P. Units. But there is more to this AegisCam than meets the eye. Shieldtrons making your life miserable? Charge a shot and fire at the nearest wall they're walking by, even if they have their shields towards you. Splash damage will take them out in a single blast!
  • Snailblazers sneaking past your defenses? Use an X-Ray Cam (unlocked at CPM Rank 30) to deny them cover and take them out early before they can breach your perimeter.
  • If a mission is giving you particular trouble, don't skip the replay. Watch it and learn exactly what went wrong, develop a strategy to deal with it and get back to it.
  • Having trouble progressing? Get really good at any of the three boss fights so you can easily grind precious material from them and thus earn CPM ranks faster. These could enable you to get that special AegisCam or even one or two extra special AegisCamera slots. Trust us tadpole, you will need them for the Extra missions.
  • Another good way to make some big precious metal payouts is to find a mission you're comfortable with and not kill the very last Combat Class bot until you've taken out every other Chaos Class bot in play. Destroying every bot in an attack wave will award you a Perfect Guard along with nice bonus that sometimes pays out even more than a regular boss fight.
  • You know what's better than one brain and two eyes? Two brains and four eyes, of course! If you're having trouble on a mission, have a friend help you by shouting out camera numbers where enemies pop up. Of course you will still only get paid one salary, employee.
  • Bases with long corridors? Build yourself a nice kill zone by placing a regular AegisCam at the end of a long straight, aiming exactly at the middle so when a bot enters the corridor, just switch to that camera number and start blasting away without moving the camera.

Star-Fox-Guard (1).jpg

Extra Missions

So you have cleared the whole 50 mission main campaign, have you? Congratulations tadpole! Oh, you're not done yet, far from it. The real test of wits begins when starting to tackle these daunting 50 extra missions. For every mission in the regular CPM campaign, there is an alternate one that will test your AegisCam defense system skills to the very limit! There are even unconfirmed employee reports of two all-new Combat Class bots out there! You unlock the fist Extra Mission of every sector by clearing its respective second regular mission but all the others will be unlocked by CPM Rank progression, so keep on defending! Also expect no help from the skies; The fly boys from team Star Fox are all out participating on Super Smash Bros tournaments.

We have broken down the different types to Extra Missions to better prepare you on the battles ahead.


It's raining bots! The enemy has decided that warping in outside the base perimeter is not the way to go and is now warping in bots above our airspace! They will descend slowly using parachutes so aim carefully because if you hit a parachute, the attacking bots will come pummeling to the ground and deploy faster. The Frozen Cam is your best friend here.

Quick draw

There is a timer counting down and the only way to increase it is to shoot bots! So stop reading this, sharpen your reflexes, get that finger on the trigger and start shooting those bots fast!


We have replaced your laser guns with advanced solid projectile weapons. These babies can take out any type of bot with a single shot! That was the good news, the bad news is that ammo capacity is limited so make sure those shots count. No more crazy trigger finger hammering on these missions! Discipline and finesse is on the menu here.

Little Re:bots

We discovered that some tiny Re:bots prototypes has gone missing. The good news is that we found them. The bad news is that they are riding attack bots for amusement. So you will need to visually confirm every target you spot on these missions. If you spot a tiny Re:bot riding an enemy, you will have to just let them walk inside your base. Proximity with the core will make the small Re:bot jump off and that is when you take out the enemy. We will then proceed in reprogramming the returned units by altering their "Fun" value to zero.

Re:bot Defence

We have our main Re:bot unit out and about, training our tiny Re:bot prototypes. Sadly, we are also under attack. Attacking Bot units will destroy the main Re:bot unit if they come across it, so make sure to keep an eye out on both friend and foe in these missions. And do remember the Core must also be protected!


Super Switches

CPM R&D installed Blue and Red switches in some of our bases. When a bot steps on a Blue Switch, it will gain an impregnable force field for a short time, making it invincible to our AegisCameras. That is bad enough, but not as bad as when they step on a Red Switch. A bot will begin to glow and explode shortly after, taking out any AegisCameras in their vicinity. So the real question here is: why did CPM R&D install these in the first place?!

Squawkie Walk

Fighting fire with fire. We reprogrammed a few captured Clucktrons (re-branded Walkie Squawkies for trademark purposes) and are testing them as viable mobile weapon platforms. We programmed their paths and stuck a AegisCam on top of their heads. We are trying to determine if we can cover the same base perimeter with fewer AegisCams and you are the lucky employee that will help us gather data. Good luck!


The name says it all. Can you survive increasingly difficult waves of bot assault? The ultimate test of endurance for any CPM employee. Oh, we might have forgot to mention: Once a AegisCam is taken out, it will not reboot. It will be out for good during the rest of the attack so make sure you keep as many of them online as possible.

AegisCam Snatch

This is a the worst possible case scenario. You will have a single AegisCam operating in the whole base. You have to use this camera to locate and destroy bots carrying additional AegisCameras. To do this, you will have to master (if you haven't already) the fine art of in-game turret redeployment, by dragging and dropping on the GamePad radar unit at first the position of your single camera and when you locate more units, to deploy those along your base perimeter because they can't do much lying on the ground.

Big & Small

It's yet another case of good news / bad news. The attacking bots in these missions will either be gigantic or miniscule variants of their regular models. Good news: The big ones are so huge it's impossible to miss and the small ones need only a single shot to take out. Bad news: The big ones take tons of hits before being destroyed and the small ones are so very tiny that they make very difficult targets. Nobody said being a CPM employee was fair, easy living.

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