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Atlus is a publisher and developer that's rather well-known and much loved - the Japanese company has brought us a number of iconic franchises, while Nintendo gamers in North America (and to a lesser extent Europe) have enjoyed a high number of exclusives over the past two generations.

Atlus was originally founded on 7th April 1986, so it's now hit the magical 30 year mark - technically the company is now different as it was acquired by SEGA in 2013, though in the eyes of many it's effectively the same developer and publisher it was before.

Though it develops (and formerly published) games in a variety of genres, Atlus is perhaps best known on these pages for its RPGs. The company has shown significant loyalty to DS and 3DS, in particular, with franchises such as Shin Megami Tensei and Etrian Odyssey prominent, while the last ten years also brought us treats such as the Trauma Center games (and many more besides). As a developer Atlus is still very active in projects for Nintendo systems, and often releases gorgeous first-print and limited edition runs of its games in North America.

Atlus has an incredibly diverse history of games, and the SEGA takeover also ensured that it came through difficult financial times, meaning we can still enjoy its new releases to this day. In this generation the 3DS, in particular, would have been a poorer system without Atlus.

Feel free to share your thoughts and memories on the company in the comments. Which Atlus games or franchises are your favourites?