The gold standard

Watches. Roses. Silver medals. Things just rise to a new level of opulent superiority when they're plated in gold. And if you prefer your NES and Famicom games to be played among the top 1 percent of ways, there's a limited edition gold-plated system for you.

Analogue, the company that previously produced limited runs of a high-end Nintendo-playing console called the Nt, has outdone itself with an ultra-limited production of its system in 24k gold. According to the product page, this version of the Analogue Nt has an aluminum body plated "from the inside out" in pure gold, but also sports a transparent baseplate so you can show your polo club all the fancy circuitry within.

Each system is said to come with an original, gold-coloured copy of The Legend of Zelda, although the display photo above shows a copy of Zelda II: the Adventure of Link. Either way, the cartridge is gold-coloured and it's not like there's any big difference between Zelda games, so who's quibbling? You can also choose an upgrade to HDMI if RGB is simply too pedestrian for you.

The run is limited to only 10 units, each priced at $4,999. You'd want to reserve yours quickly by emailing the company, but Donald Trump has probably already bought them all.