Minor league baseball team Frisco Roughriders has something of a habit of getting its players to wear unique shirts based on pop culture icons, and this year the team is harnessing the power of Gunpei Yokoi's finest creation, the Nintendo Game Boy.

The Roughriders - who play at the amusingly-named Dr Pepper Ballpark - are holding their annual Riders-Con soon, which is best described as a series of game dates based around celebrity appearances and tributes to "some of the most beloved enterprises in television, movies, sports, and pop culture".

Eight themed nights will see eight different jerseys, with the shirts being auctioned off for charity at the end of the game. The Game Boy jersey kicks things off on 8th July with the "Salute to 8-Bit and Arcades Night":

The uniforms feature the text "Riders" inside of the Game Boy "screen" on the front of the uniform top, above of a directional pad, "A," "B," "Select," and "Start" buttons along with the classic Game Boy vent-style speaker on the lower right-hand side. On the back of the uniform, each player's number will be represented with 8-bit digits and their name written on the top of an inserted "game cartridge." The team will feature retro arcade games inside the ballpark and will be giving away both a next-gen and a retro gaming console that night. The fun continues as the Riders will be recreating classic video games as in-between innings contests.

It actually sounds like a lot of fun, and if you're like us and based in the UK, it makes our sporting events seem a bit dull in comparison.

Are you a Roughriders fan? Will you be attending any of these nights? What do you think Nintendo thinks about its IP being used in this way? Let us know your thoughts by posting a comment below.

[source kotaku.com, via milb.com]