Factor 5 was a studio that had plenty of fans, with its Rogue Squadron titles in particular being standouts for Nintendo fans. Unfortunately its later years were punctuated by aborted projects and difficult generational transitions, an example being an attempt to produce a Kid Icarus game for Wii.

Now occasional Nintendo Life contributor Liam Robertson - via Did You Know Gaming - has researched and reported on the project that would prove to be the last for Factor 5, a Superman title for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. The developer partnered up with a publisher new to gaming at the time, Brash Entertainment, and began work on an ambitious open-world game. There were some bold ideas, but Brash Entertainment's inexperience and external issues related to the movie series eventually saw the project - and Factor 5 - fall through.

It's an interesting chain of events, and is tinged with sadness as it shows how a talented team of developers could do little in the face of poor business decisions above their heads.