Now that Monster Hunter Generations is set for a Summer release in the West, we turn our localisation attention on Monster Hunter Stories. This spin-off title sees you work with and train monsters rather than hunt them, and adopts a mixture of adventure and turn-based battles in its gameplay - add to that a lovely visual style and it looks like a promising 3DS release.

Capcom has now upload a video (in Japanese) to show the game off in some detail - we can see what's displayed on each screen during battles, and get a sense for how its shaping up ahead of its release this year in Japan.

As for whether this will come to the West, we're going to be relatively optimistic at this stage, though naturally we'd likely be looking at a 2017 arrival. The MH franchise is showing signs of growth in the West, and Capcom will surely want to take advantage of the positive momentum.

Do you like the look of this one?