Earlier this week we told you about the Pokkén Tournament 'Countdown Clash' series, in which Nintendo UK seeks votes via social media for a range of battles that are played out in the game. Those that enter (and are in the UK) have a chance of winning a copy of the game and one of the special pro pads, but more importantly it's an excuse to see plenty of fight footage captured by Nintendo.

The first two battles up for votes were Pikachu Libre vs. Chandelure, and Lucario vs. Gengar. With the votes tallied the actual fights are below, which give a nice look at the local multiplayer and some of the over-enthusiastic voice-over - it's typical of a Nintendo game to extol the virtues of just having fun right before two Pokémon pummel each other to within an inch of each other's lives...

Not the results we would have predicted, but that's the beauty of social media voting!

[source nintendo.co.uk]