Pokken Faceoff.jpg

Pokkén Tournament is just a few weeks away on Wii U, all set to bring its brand of Pokémon brawling into our living rooms. Nintendo will no doubt be promoting it quite heavily, and for its part Nintendo UK is launching a 'Countdown Clash' series; the idea is that videos will introduce match-ups, we all pitch in and vote for who we want to win and the brawl itself will then be shared on Thursdays.

It's a nice way to introduce characters along with their strengths and weaknesses, while those that vote will be in a draw (UK only) to win a copy of the game and the Pro Controller, which mimics the arcade pad. All you need to do is vote on the YouTube videos or via Twitter.

The first match-ups are below - are you Team Pikachu Libre like this writer?

[source nintendo.co.uk]