You have to wonder exactly what the guys at Kaneko USA were thinking when they began work on Socks the Cat Rocks The Hill, a 16-bit platformer featuring Bill Clinton's moggie.

Boasting a risible plot which involves Socks saving the world from nuclear destruction and featuring bosses based on caricatures of former Republican leaders such as Richard Nixon and George H. W. Bush, Socks the Cat Rocks The Hill (which was in development for both the SNES and Sega Genesis / Mega Drive) was always going to be on shaky ground - especially when you consider that Nintendo had policies in place which prevented titles with "subliminal political messages" or "overt political statements" from corrupting the minds of its young audience.

Yet it wasn't censorship issues which prevented its launch. Kaneko USA got as far as producing print advertisements - like the one shown below - and finalising the ROM, but the office was closed before the game could hit its proposed 1993 release date. Nothing has been seen or heard since - until now, that is.


An individual called Tom Curtin has found a functioning prototype and has also acquired the trademark, giving him the right to publish it legally. He's taking to Kickstarter to release the game, with the intention of creating a "proper" physical SNES version - complete with packaging and manual - for around $50, while digital copies will be around $20 to $30. Curtin has also stated that the top backer will get the prototype itself - which, he says, cost him as much as a "decent used car" to acquire.

An adopted stray, the real-life Socks lived in the White House during the early years of the Clinton administration and was regularly photographed with the president. He reached the grand old age of 19, passing away in 2009 after a short battle with cancer.

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