Buy what does it MEAN

Last week, we reported on the rumour that Nintendo was funding the development of Beyond Good And Evil 2 in order to make the game an NX exclusive in 2017. Reaction to this rumour was somewhat mixed, with many assuming it was simply wishful thinking - an Ubisoft exclusive on a Nintendo system? Yeah, we've been there before.

However, the site which broke the rumour - Destructoid - has revealed that Ubisoft has actually been in touch and asked for the article to be removed.

If you listen to this podcast (which, we warn you, does contain some naughty words), the segment in question comes up around the 6 minute mark. It is stated that on the day the original story broke, an Ubisoft representative got in touch with the author of the post and requested that it be taken down.

Companies rarely respond to rumours or conjecture, so the very fact that Ubisoft has gotten in touch with Destructoid would suggest that there's something in the story after all. What do you think this means? Let us know by posting a comment.

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the tip!