Tomodachi Life enjoyed a successful move out of Japan to Western markets, boosted by a heavy marketing campaign and the instant familiarity of its Mii characters. Not so much a sim as a game of random and quirky happenings, it evidently captured the hearts of many 3DS owners.

Nintendo of Europe has now highlighted that the game has passed two million sales in the region, as you can see below.

What makes that number rather significant is the percentage that delivers of overall global sales. As of 31st December 2015 Nintendo's official figure of the game's sales was 4.89 million. As of 31st March 2015 sales in Japan were around 1.95 million (and have likely now passed two million), which paints a clear picture of how well it's done in Europe. Even accounting for the first two months of this year as well, it would seem that sales in North America will be hovering a little above or below one million units.

No doubt sales figures like these are being watched closely, while altogether bigger figures (if not 'sales', as it'll be a free-to-start download) will be expected from the next Mii-driven experience - Miitomo.