Mega Man Redux

Mega Man was the game that started it all, catapulting the Blue Bomber to fame and kicking off what would be a long and rich line of action games. Though the Mega Man games have all but screeched to a halt in more recent times, Capcom did decide to throw fans a bone and put out the Mega Man Legacy Collection. While this is seemingly intended to give players both old and new a shot at experiencing the classic games in their top form, a fan has recently produced an interesting take on the original Mega Man.

The 'new' game is called Mega Man Redux, and it's a largescale effort to polish the game up and make it more colorful and detailed than before. Nearly all tiles have been swapped out or adjusted, and portions of the background that used to contain blank space will now contain environmental objects that are fitting to the stage's theme. If you follow the source link, you can find the file to download; it can be overlaid on a ROM of Mega Man.

What do you think? Should the game be left alone or do you appreciate efforts like this? What would you like to see Capcom do with the Mega Man series next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.