During today's Nintendo Direct, it was confirmed that Star Fox Zero will make its long awaited debut on 22 April 2016, exclusively on Wii U.

Producer Shigeru Miyamoto detailed that the game pays homage to Star Fox 64 while featuring many new game mechanics. Throughout the game's levels branching paths will unlock new bosses, and levels on the overworld map create a unique experience for every player.

A new two-player mode will allow one player to fly using a Pro Controller and another will man the turret as a gunner on the GamePad.

For you amiibo collectors, the Star Fox amiibo will unlock the SNES Arwing for use in game alongside a few unannounced surprises.

However, that was not all. Miyamoto also announced a new title launching alongside Star Fox Zero. Remember Project Guard, Miyamoto's secret project announced at E3 2014? Well, that game has been completed and rebranded as a Star Fox title.

When Slippy's uncle Grippy comes under attack at his mining outpost, you must man the security detail and protect your collected minerals from enemies. With over 100 missions and a level creator with online sharing, there appears to be a plethora of content.

The two games will launch as a physical bundle, with both games bundled in one package. For you digital fans, the games will be purchasable separately on the eShop or in a bundle similar to the physical copy.

Are you excited for Star Fox Zero? What about the new Star Fox Guard? Let us know in the comments!