River City Ransom SP.jpg

Announced quite some time ago now, River City Ransom SP - a modern remake of the NES title known as Street Gangs in some territories - is nearing its release on 3DS in Japan. Based on a new trailer out in the wild Arc System Works is evidently doing some good work with its licenses.

The beat 'em up has a range of new features and mechanics to make it more suitable for the modern age; for example an SP gauge can be used for stringing together special moves and 'super' special moves, or to execute a 'Nekketsu Counter' when surrounded. Particularly fun is a multiplayer mode called "Fighting of Double Dragon 2016" - it supports download play and allows players to fight on a 2D plane.

It's looking rather nifty, and you can see the latest trailer below.

[source gematsu.com]