Super Mario Kart HTML
Image: Go Nintendo

Though it can seem a bit basic by modern standards, Super Mario Kart was an innovative racer for its time, and it kicked off one of the most successful racing game franchises to date. It did have some unique mechanics that haven't completely been translated to the newer games, and there's certainly still a fan following for this SNES classic. Perhaps in an effort to preserve its legacy, or maybe just because somebody had some spare time on their hands, one fan in particular has taken it upon themselves to port the game to HTML5.

Naturally, this port isn't a full-fledged edition, but it nonetheless is a fun diversion for a few minutes. There aren't any items, you only play as Mario, and you can only race three other AIs, but it still manages to capture the spirit of Mario Kart in a very roundabout way. Perhaps with time, more features will be added, like more characters or items. You can play it here, and it works on both mobile and desktop.

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