Pokemon Snap.jpg
Image: Susanlucariofan16

Whenever there's a conversation around Pokémon and desired games, it naturally turns to a new entry in the Snap series. In the current day it's questionable how relevant such a release would be, especially when the likes of Pokémon Go will have us pointing our smartphone cameras into the real world to catch pocket monsters.

In any case, there's a lot of love for the N64 original, and pretty soon gamers in Japan will be able to pick it up on the Wii U Virtual Console. It arrives in the country on 6th April, and hopefully it'll be heading West too - the Wii Virtual Console release previously came to the West shortly after in Japan. That Wii iteration also allowed users to share photos using the Wii Message service, so this time around we'd anticipate the standard Miiverse support.

We may not have had the current-generation revival of the series many hoped for, but it could certainly be a popular Virtual Console arrival.

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