National Streetpass Weekend: Spring Edition

One of the most passive, but no less entertaining, features of the Nintendo 3DS is Streetpass. By simply walking by another individual with a 3DS, one can acquire various little extras for games that support it, and while this is admittedly a fairly marginal thing in most cases, it's still nice to see that green light every once in a while. Of course, Streetpass isn't universally experienced by all – there are many areas that aren't very densely populated by 3DS owners – so Nintendo has decided to hold a largescale event that's all about Streetpass.

On Nintendo's official website, it was recently announced that 25th to 27th March will be declared National Streetpass Weekend: Spring Edition for North America. Participation is as simple as passing by one of the numerous Nintendo Zone locations, where you'll be able to receive up to six Streetpass tags per visit. Perhaps now, you can finally snag all of the pieces to that new Final Fantasy Explorers puzzle.

What do you think? Do you use Streetpass often? Will you be taking part in this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.