MK8 TV.png

Mario Kart 8 has had a lot of excellent features that have earned it plaudits, such as anti-gravity mechanics, amiibo support and paid-DLC. A much trumpeted feature when it launched, also, was Mario Kart TV, which allows you to upload highlight reels directly to YouTube.

Though you can access much of this within the game, Nintendo also launched an accompanying website that connects with your Nintendo Network ID to share the videos, track times and details of those on your friend list. It's a neat resource, though we never got a sense that the Nintendo Life community was overly enthused by the website itself.

Well, Nintendo has now confirmed that the website is closing down on 5th April, with the closure kicking in from 2am Eastern / 7am UK / 8am CET on that date. It's only the website that's going offline, though, and all of the game's Mario Kart TV features will continue unaffected.

It's a pity to see the website close down, but after two years it had evidently not proven worthwhile for Nintendo to keep live.

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