Mario Kart TV App

One of the new features of Mario Kart 8 is the ability to save, edit and share video highlights through Mario Kart TV. As we reported yesterday, those that have received copies early didn't take long to start uploading highlights to YouTube and Miiverse.

The game is now out in Japan — in fact, Japanese gamers have had most of the day already with the new title — and Nintendo has launched its Mario Kart TV app, previously announced to shareholders after the most recent financial results briefing. You can take a look now by visiting

So far it seems to be running fairly well, with a layout that works well on both PC and smart device. The opening page shows some movies playing in the background, while a menu button at the top takes you to the 'Movies' section or links to your regional official websites. Once you click in you can start viewing and playing videos which, in our initial tests at least, load pretty quickly; you can easily view the original video on YouTube or visit its Miiverse post by clicking on shortcuts, while likewise Twitter and Facebook icons redirect you to post links to your videos of choice. On top of that you can filter results by mode type, course or character, if there is — for example — a particular track that you want to watch.

You can do all this without logging in, though if you login with your Nintendo Network ID you can also view the videos of just those on your Friend List.

As yet the app doesn't include any Time Trial statistics, Tournament information or ranking details as shown in its reveal, but these may be added in updates.

Check it out and let us know what you think — Mario