Hyrule Warriors Legends

Hyrule Warriors Legends aims to catch lightning in the bottle, converting the excitement that surrounded the Wii U original into strong sales to the far larger 3DS userbase. Of course, that original title was jam packed with paid DLC, and Nintendo has now confirmed that the portable iteration will add more DLC of its own.

Though Legends includes all of the Wii U game's DLC and new characters - including a side-story starring Linkle - Nintendo's now announced a Season Pass to launch with the game, which will give access to four DLC packs. Those packs are all due in 2016 and no pricing was given; it will be an option to purchase them individually, too. The season pass does come with a free Ganondorf outfit, though.

As expected copies of the 3DS game will come with a download code that can be used to access the new characters - but not new missions - in the Wii U original. There will be some free DLC in both versions, too, with Medli (from The Wind Waker) being added in both versions.

We're slightly surprised that Legends - with so much content and included DLC from the original - will have its own paid DLC. Nintendo and Koei Tecmo are clearly keen to make a big financial success of the portable version.