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A kind European tipster (PtM) has pointed out that Nintendo Land is also going to be part of this range in mainland Europe, though evidently not in the UK.

Original Article:

In recent times Nintendo of America has confirmed a handsome expansion to its Nintendo Selects range (due to launch on 11th March), while last year Nintendo of Europe added some excellent 3DS titles into its range. Now we have more discount titles heading to Europe, this time focused solely on Wii U.

The expanded range will land in European stores on 15th April and feature five releases (which comprise of six games); there are some excellent options.

When these land in stores on 15th April they'll also be reduced (or arrive for the first time) on the eShop - they'll cost €24,99 / £19.99 to download.

Are any of you in Europe planning to pick these up? Let us know!