Choppin' it up

It's fair to say that not everyone was happy with the Fire Emblem Fates localisation on 3DS, but a glimmer of hope for dedicated fans was the fan translation project which was confirmed well before a western release was announced.

According to "Team If" member luyairis, the group behind the translation is "burnt out" and will only release support conversation translations - everything else will be "kept for our use only":

There actually is notable progress, but it was decided yesterday that we won't release it. We'll release the fixed up controversy supports. That's all. Everything else we've done will be kept for our use only.

People used to care about it, this project and thread was started back when Fates wasn't even released.

And to clarify, it was agreed between the translators and editors yesterday that all translation work will now cease.

I'd like to clarify right now that the original point of this project was only to translate the menus and make the game playable. Anything else beyond that was and is completely extra.

As of now, all translation work will be ceased. Whatever is left with Invisible Kingdom, we will likely fix it, and release the fixed files. If not, then that means we don't care anymore.

Why are we ending? Because we're all burned out and don't care anymore. We intend to keep our infrastructure private.

It doesn't appear that the team was hit with a cease and desist from Nintendo - at least, they're not admitting it if so - but instead it would seem that they simply don't see the point in continuing the project when an official localisation is now available, which is understandable. A seperate "Restoration" project - which aims to restore elements changed by the localisation - is apparently unaffacted.

Were you looking forward to playing this translation, or are you happy with the official edition? Let us know by posting a comment below.

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