Going, going, gone?

Last year - around the same time that Nintendo announced it was releasing a HD remake of Twilight Princess - we spoke to Tomoya Hamasaki, the leader of a team working on its own fan-made upgrade of the esteemed title. The project was incredibly ambitious, with the aim being to use the incredible power found in modern PCs and harness it to create the most stunning version of Twilight Princess ever.

At the time, we broached the subject of Nintendo shutting things down, but Hamasaki didn't seem worried:

I'm not concerned since this project is basically heavily modding the ISO and emulation. Our project is just going to be a huge patch that requires you to own the physical copy of the game (either GameCube or Wii). If we receive a C&D (cease and desist), let's just say the project will finish one way or another.

That "if" seems to have become a reality, as Nintendo appears to have lodged a complaint about the videos. However, true to his word, Hamasaki is refusing to throw in the towel and the project is still very much alive - but will now go on a short hiatus. Hamasaki and his team intend to use the break to work on their own game. All video progress will be moved to Twitch in the light of the YouTube takedowns.

Were you following this fan project, or has the release of Twilight Princess HD knocked your interest? Let us know by posting a comment.

[source gamingreinvented.com]