Bird Mania Party.png

For some there are few more addictive score-chasers than runner games, or in the case of Bird Mania 3D 'flyer' games. The 3DS eShop title has provided some simple fun at a budget price, and now Teyon wants to repeat the trick on Wii U eShop.

This series is making its way to the home console as Bird Mania Party, with the party aspect coming from some multiplayer options. Two players can tackle the game together in co-op or there's a party competitive mode for five players, with extra competitors using Wii Remotes.

It looks like decent fun, much like its predecessors on 3DS; it's due on 10th March in Europe and 17th March in North America, and it'll cost just $1.99.

Now everybody's heard about the bird - let us know if you plan to pick this up.