The Nintendo Satellaview was a visionary achievement - attaching a satellite modem to your Super Famicom and having scheduled game downloads was certainly something out of science fiction back in 1995. It achieved a moderate amount of success in Japan and has gathered a cult following among diehard Super Famicom aficionados.

Among the dozens of games available, a number of them where never released in cartridge form and are as such incredibly rare to obtain since they only exist as downloaded data on the Satellaview's 8 megabit flash cartridge. One of those titles released in April of 1997 was Golf Daisuki! Out of Bounds Club (which translates as "I Love Golf!") which was a fun, four-player isometric mini-golf video game developed by none other than NCS of Cybernator fame.

If you happen to a fan of Kirby's Dream Course you will be quite at home here. The same familiar isometric view will present the expected challenges of perfectly hitting the ball at the exact power and precise angle. Despite the very first eight holes being set on a very normal Golf Club, further courses will take you to a micro world where everything around you is huge and even into Outer Space, which is somewhat fitting considering you had to download this game from Earth's orbit (if you hit a hole in one in outer space, do you call that a Space Ace?).

Prolific ROM hacking translation group Dynamic Designs has released a complete English translation that covers all menus and dialogue in the game so it can now be fully enjoyed by Western Gamers. You can download the patch right here.