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Retro Studios is among the most revered of Nintendo's studios, with the Texas-based developer having a track record that includes Metroid Prime Trilogy and two excellent Donkey Kong Country games, in addition to contributions to the likes of Mario Kart 7. Since Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze arrived in early 2014 the studio has been rather quiet, leaving fans to fantasize over what's coming next.

It's a studio that is, very slowly, boosting its visible activity - even though it's clearly always busy behind closed doors. It's taken tentative but minor steps into social media, and thankfully has now updated its website to a new design. Those that remember the old one may recall a relic of years long gone, with a scruffy layout and format that didn't do the company much credit.

The modern site is far better, with sections that outline the company's history and games to date, and a news section that is - mostly - uploads of old videos.

Ultimately, of course, fans of the studio want to know what's next, especially as it's been nearly two years since Tropical Freeze hit stores. Hopefully that news isn't too far away.