Pokemon Red vs Blue

In continuing the celebration of Pokémon's 20th anniversary, the festivities have spread to another popular Nintendo franchise, Splatoon.

A Pokémon themed Splatfest will take taking place the weekend of 20th February through 21st February in all regions pitting players against each other based on their favourite first generation game.

In North America and Europe, teams will be split by Pokémon Red and Blue while in Japan, the choices will be Pokémon Red and Green.

In addition, new character art was released showing Inklings dressed in their finest Pokémon garb.

Splatoon Inkling in Pokemon Themed Outfits

Voting is now underway in-game, so get your votes in and prepare for battle.

Which first generation game will you be representing? Let us know in the comments

[source serebii.net]