The word Pokémon is going to appear a lot in the next few days. Pokémon, Pokémon, Pokémon. Editing tools will have the accented 'e' programmed, and there'll be plenty to keep 'mon fans happy. We have a Pokémon Direct, the releases of the generation 1 originals on the 3DS Virtual Console, and the fact it's the series' 20th Anniversary. Phew.

Perhaps with that Direct and a big year of news in mind, The Pokémon Company has boosted its social media profile a little, using its main Twitter account to promote a freshly launched UK & Ireland account, which will serve as a source of news and attempts at memes, we're sure.

The Pokémon Company is an impressive behemoth in multiple ways, though introducing more smaller, regionalised social media accounts is a good idea. It's something Nintendo did long ago, and there have been accounts such as Pokémon France on Twitter for quite some time; UK & Ireland are playing catch-up.

Beyond this the company also launched an official Tumblr page late last year, so it's gearing up its online efforts for a big 2016 that'll include Pokémon Go, and probably more (potential spoilers in this link).